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Our Face Halo Fam asked, we listened. Face Halo X is here...

Face Halo X is here and is the perfect partner in crime for your Face Halo Original or Face Halo PRO for the ultimate clean beauty makeup removing duo 👀  Say BYE BYE to disposable cotton rounds, buds and q-tips because Face Halo X is your new weapon in the fight for sustainable beauty 🌏 💚 

After 2 years of research and development, countless prototypes and a lot of testing we finally settled on this design with our short contour-knit Halo-Tech fibre for reaching into the hard-to-reach and delicate areas. Our award-winning Halotech fibres hold onto makeup and impurities instead of smearing them around your skin. The short fibres and the finger-glove design combined give you complete control and precision helping you to remove every inch of makeup and giving you a complete clean ✨

Face Halo founder Lizzy Pike says, “The idea for Face Halo X came from our customers who were wanting a reusable product to reach into the delicate areas of the eye and a makeup tool to easily and quickly touch up makeup mistakes. Face Halo X is the gamechanger for replacing cotton tips, cotton rounds and buds. 

Face Halo X is perfect for your beauty bag or on the go. It’s great for touching up mistakes such as mascara on the eyelid, overdrawn lips or eyeshadow fall out and has become our handbag essential. 

We also love it as part of our makeup removal squad to help remove stubborn mascara under the lower lash line, sticky lash glue or long wear lipstick and so much more at the end of the day ⭕️

❌ Face Halo X Launch Event with Portobello PR

Portobello PR launched Face Halo X with an intimate event which saw a tight list of key print and digital editors, YouTubers, makeup artists, creatives and freelancers attend.

You can shop the new Face Halo X here!