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Mother’s Day 2021: 25 thoughtful gifts to show mum just how brilliant she is

The Independent in the U.K. names Face Halo's XO Gift Box as one of 25 thoughtful gifts for your mum this Mother's Day.

A practical gift, but a worthy one nonetheless, help your mum ditch the make-up wipes with this set from one of our favourite brands, Face Halo. There are plenty of imitations of these reusable make-up removers, but we’ve yet to try another that works as well as the original. The soft yet sturdy fibres gently remove all traces of make-up, including heavy-duty foundations and mascaras, without causing any irritation. Plus there’s no mess – a bonus as there’s nothing worse than a dripping face cloth.

Simply dampen the pad and wipe the day away. This gift set features three of the classic pads as well as four smaller versions for tricker under-eye areas, as well as our favourite exfoliating body mitt. It’s gentle on sensitive skin but really buffs away everything, including fake tan. Your mum will be saving 500 single-use make-up wipes from landfill with every one of these pads.

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