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How Miranda Kerr Winds Down before Bed with Face Halo

Like many of us, KORA founder and CEO, supermodel, and mom of three Miranda Kerr is adjusting to being at home all of the time. “I’m feeling a mix of emotions,” she says. “I’m grateful to everyone who’s working around the clock to keep us all safe as we do our part and stay home. I also feel guilty for having the luxury to be able to stay home when others don’t. I hope this crisis will make us all appreciate each other—and our world—even more.”


We got a peek into her indisputably beautiful world when we recorded a podcast with her some months ago, and we were happy to return to get all the details on the evening routine that keeps her mood calm and her skin looking…the way it does.


"8 p.m.: Time to pamper my skin a little. When we’re sleeping, our skin cells regenerate—this is why a consistent evening skin-care routine with nourishing products is so key. I double-cleanse, first using the Cream Cleanser from KORA, which is very gentle and soothing, then removing it with an eco-friendly Face Halo cloth."


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