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Face Halo FAQ

Ordering & Shipping

How much is shipping and how long does it take?

How do I apply a discount code to my order?

Can I cancel my order or change my address?

Using Face Halo

Do I need to use cleanser or toner with my Face Halo?

I wear lots of mascara and eyeliner, will this come off with Face Halo?

What’s the difference between Face Halo Original and PRO?

Can I use Face Halo with eyelash extensions?

Face Halo Care

How do I clean my Face Halo?

Can I put my Face Halo in the dryer?

How long will my Face Halo last?

Do I need to use fabric softener when I wash Face Halo?

Modern Merch

What is Modern Merch?

What is "upcycling"?

How does your upcycling program work?

Where are the Face Halos upcycled and turned into Modern Merch?

How do you clean the Face Halos before upcycling?

What if my Face Halos are stained with dark colours from mascara or pigmented makeup? Can I still send them back?

What can I do with my old Face Halos if I don’t return them?