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(NEW) Mini Remover Bundle

(NEW) Mini Remover Bundle
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Get the best of both worlds in our Mini Remover Bundle! This superstar duo is the perfect gift or starter pack for any Face Halo newbie OR the perfect top-up to your Face Halo Collection. The perfect pair; Face Halo Original and Face Halo X work together and reach deep into pores to remove makeup and impurities from all areas of your face - just add water!




Face Halo Original - 1 Pack

Face Halo quickly and easily removes makeup, using our amazing HaloTech fibres with water only. Non-toxic and reusable, Face Halo replaces up to 500 single-use makeup wipes. No need to rub or scrub, Face Halo gently removes makeup and impurities, perfect for any skin type or sensitivity.


Face Halo X - 2 Pack

The ultimate companion for your Face Halo Original or Face Halo Pro in your makeup removal or cleansing routine, Face Halo X is perfect for reaching in to delicate or hard to reach areas of the face due to its slim design and shorter fibres. Great for removing mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and so much more! Just add water and gently wipe.


How to Use

How to Use: Wet your Face Halo with water and gently wipe in circular motions to remove make up and other impurities. Easy!

Care instructions: For best results we recommend hand washing your Face Halo with soap and warm water directly after using, then throwing into the washing machine once or twice a week, or as desired.

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