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Selfmade Candles

A few years ago Ricki, the founder of SelfMade Candle, worked as a global events manager, often travelling from location to location but always carrying around her staple item – her candle - in her mini suitcase. It was something to remind her of home.  

She says, “There's something about smelling scents that are familiar to you and remind you of positive experiences, that can keep you going even in the darkest times.  

This is why during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, without the possibility of going out to physical stores to buy some of her favourite artisan candles, she did what any maker would do, she made them herself.  

We had the opportunity to ask Ricki some questions about her story and her brand. 

What was the catalyst or push for you to start your brand?

It's funny, Selfmade Candle was a side hustle to start. I'd been recycling and making candles in my spare time during covid for friends and family. Mixing essential oils and making things was an activity that was super therapeutic for me when in isolation in my 1 bed London flat! But when everything was amplified with George Floyd's death and Black Lives Matter, I felt like I needed a bigger outlet. The previous company I'd worked at wasn't doing enough, anything to support, so I started brainstorming ways I could help.

What is the story behind your CONSCIOUS candle?

        I've always been someone with a bias towards action. I felt powerless to impact change in the last business I was employed at so spun up Selfmade Candle as a way for me to make a difference in my own way. I never thought it would grow to the level it's grown to, but I think it symbolises how much everyone needed an outlet and the desire for a community of like minded people to also stand up and support in whatever way we could.
        The CONSCIOUS Candle was originally designed to be a limited edition candle with proceeds going to Stand Up To Racism but the demand for the CONSCIOUS candle grew to the extent that it's now a permanent part of the original candle collection with proceeds now going to Black Minds Matter UK. I chose Black Minds Matter because I was originally a Psychology Grad. I'd gone to a top tier university where out of 100 students, only 3 of us were black. There's a definite lack of access to culturally knowledgeable black therapists in the UK and it fuels me to know that the brand is helping to plug this gap in our own way.

What is the mission of Selfmade Candle?

Community led sustainable self-care. Everything we do is powered by and in support of our community. Self-care is so crucial, now more than ever, with everything going on in the world. It brings me such joy knowing that I can contribute to other's wellness even in the smallest of ways.

Your unique seeded label – what an awesome idea, how did you think of this and why this is important to you?

Trying to live more sustainably is really important to me. I also hate to throw things away. I think I get this from my mother! During the pandemic, as I started working from home, I realised I was accumulating more and more candle jars. I started refilling my old ones with new blends and using some of my old jars as plant pots for my propagated plant babies. That's when I started thinking of the cyclical nature of candles and wellness and thought that'd it be cool to somehow merge the two together.


You can buy the beautiful SelfMade Candles here!