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What is the best way to keep my Face Halo clean and prevent staining with heavy mascara or foundation?

If you give it a very quick hand wash right after using with warm water and soap the makeup will release easily.  If you leave it for a couple of days before washing it will take a little bit more time to release all the makeup.  In this case we like to rub two Face Halo's together under warm water with some good soap (even a natural dish soap for heavier makeup) , then throw into the washing machine!

Should I wash my Face Halo before using?

This can be a good idea - just like with new sheets and towels it will feel softer, and will absorb better on the face.  There is no problem if you use right out of the packet though!  Just give a brand new one a few taps to brush off any excess fluff.  

Do I need to use cleanser or toner with my Face Halo?

No all you need is water.   The HaloTech fibres are specifically designed to remove all traces of makeup without the need for other products.  Some people tell us that they still like to cleanse, so its totally up to personal preference.

I put my Face Halo in the dryer? Is that ok?

We recommend to air dry them because it keeps their shape better, but if it accidentally goes into the dryer your Face Halo will still be effective and usable.  See the label on the product for more information regarding temperatures.

I thought I’d lost one of my Face Halos in the washing machine. Any tips for avoiding that fright? 

Yes, if you have a lingerie or bra bag you can wash them all together like you do with all your “smalls” (as our mother’s would call them).

I wear lots of mascara, will this come off?

In most cases, (the majority of brands) will come off provided you moisten your Face Halo with plenty of water. It works well if you hold the Face Halo for a few seconds on your eye as the water acts like a solvent.  If you have particularly stubborn mascara or waterproof mascara we recommend you try a natural oil, like organic coconut or argan oil (our favourites) to assist, if needed.

My Face Halo took some color from my denim jeans when I washed it..

We recommend washing your Face Halo with light or white items. Repeated washing with like colours, may see the discolouration fade. Discolouration will not affect your Face Halo’s make up removal capacity.

How long will my Face Halo last?

This depends on how often you use them and wash them. Face Halo is designed to last up to 200 washes.

Do I need to use fabric softener when I wash my Face Halo?

BIG NO on that one. Fabric softener can actually reduce the effectiveness of the fibres because it coats the strands. Please don’t use it and you will find they stay soft and plush.


As with anything, just remember that the longer you leave a stain the longer it takes for it to come out.