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Product Review

Face Halo X

by @makeupwithcortney

Face Halo is the revolutionary makeup removal tool, that since its launch in May 2017, has been a favourite in both my own, and others beauty routines, around the world.
Adding to their already established line of products, Face Halo have launched their latest innovation to the market, Face Halo X.


Designed for the purpose of reaching into the sensitive and hard to reach areas of the face, this makeup remover and touch up tool, utilises Face Halo’s fiber technology, to make it ideal for use around the lash line, lips and hairline. The slim design allows for makeup to be gently removed from the face, without removing or interfering with the rest of your makeup.


As with their original OG and PRO Halo’s, Face Halo X is a non-toxic and reusable alternative to removing your makeup. Each Face Halo X lasts up to 200 machine washes, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable beauty routine addition.



Each Face Halo X pack includes four X pads and a wash bag. Having previously only been sold in the accessories pack, this is the first time other than in limited editions that a wash bag has been included into one of the Face Halo bundle packs. It’s a welcome addition to the X pack, as it allows for a safe space to not only wash the X, but also the OG and PRO, and also store them when not in use.


Face Halo X is the addition to my OG and PRO Halo’s that I didn’t know I needed, but now can’t imagine living without. While both the OG and PRO Halo’s are great for removing a full face of makeup, I’ve always found that because of their larger size and shape, it was difficult to get into the smaller and more delicate areas of my face. But with the X being a more slim design, with less fluffy fibers compared to the OG and PRO, makes it ideal for reaching into those sensitive areas, without being worried of poking myself in the eye.


What I love most about the X is how easy it is to use. Now gone are the days where using a q-tip was the way to go to tidy up my makeup, instead it’s now as easy as grabbing my X, wetting it with water and then wiping it over the areas where I wish to remove my makeup from. If I’m wearing mascara, I just hold the X over my eye for a few seconds and then wipe it away. Doing this allows for the mascara to be released from my lashes, even if it’s a waterproof formula.
The areas around your eyes are particularly delicate and can be sensitive, so the fact that no rubbing or scrubbing is required to remove eyeshadow is a big positive.


While the X has multiple ways for use, one of my favourites is to use it to remove lip products from my lips. The slim design, combined with the precise edges and ease of use, allows for the easy removal of lip scrubs, lipstick or other lip products, without interfering or removing the makeup from around the lip area. 
Another way I love to use the X is for tidying up my eyeshadow looks. Whether it’s making the edges look clean and sharp, or removing mascara smudges, it’s a breeze to use. I also wear glasses, and therefore have poorer vision when applying makeup, so being able to use a product that is easily controllable in the eye area is very important to me. It allows for my makeup to still be looking sharp, without worrying that I’ll poke myself in the eye.


Face Halo has continuously blown me away with their innovative makeup remover products over the last few years. Not only have they been a blessing to my skin, but have also allowed me to feel better about my contribution to protecting the future of our earth and working to create more sustainable products.


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Cortney is a beauty blogger and journalist. Check out her instagram and blog!