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Victoria Beckham on the beauty tool that gets 'deep' into her pores

Spoiler Alert: She's talking about Face Halo!

Online beauty and lifestyle destination, Byrdie, sat down with icon Victoria Beckham to discuss rituals and recommendations in their beauty segment 'What I put on my Face'.

Victoria says her new skincare favourite is,
"Face Halo , which I am loving. Even though it’s more of a “tool,” it has really helped me up my cleansing regimen, which we all know is the foundation of any good skincare routine. I love how it helps get to the core of my pores for deep makeup removal (especially after wearing a full face of makeup on set). Even more, I love how it’s an amazing, sustainable improvement to disposable cotton pads of years past. A major upgrade in every way!"


This is an excerpt from Ready the full article HERE


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