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Beauty brands to shop and do right by the planet this Earth Day 2021

Here's a bunch of beauty brands to throw money at to do right by your face AND the environment – a win-win.

ICYMI, today is Earth Day.

While we should be treating every day as our planet's bday, Earth Day is a fabulous excuse to celebrate some brands that are making a conscious effort to do right by Mother Nature. The beauty industry is a big contributor of harmful chemicals, plastic packaging and other nasties that ain't good for earth. So, on a more positive note, here are some beauty brands that are the bee's knees of sustainable makeup and skincare.



The average makeup wearer uses 730 makeup wipes each year. It takes 100 hours for one makeup wipe to break down in a landfill. Those are some scary numbers.

Face Halo has always been one of the major leaders in sustainable beauty. These are microfibre makeup removers that can get rid of your makeup using just water, meaning there is no need for harmful chemicals for your skin or the environment. On top of that, the reusable and washable Face Halo replaces 500 makeup wipes.

The brand has worked to prevent over one billion makeup wipes from going into landfills and to avoid any Face Halos ending up there, you can upcycle your old halos and watch them transform into Beautiful Threads.


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